Research Interests

I currently have three distinct areas of social research that I am actively pursuing.

Historical Anthropology of Global Health in the Caribbean

Intersection of Critical Disability Studies, Post-humanism & Design

Science and Technology Studies: a focus on biomedicine & cancer

Broadly conceived, my analytical and empirical interests lay in the closely to how health, illness and care are enacted in various locations, the implications of these enactments and how they came to be constituted in the first place. I aim to be an ethnographer first, and rely primarily on critical and rigorous empirical engagement with the topics or area of interest in tandem with “weak theory” to generate effective and sensitive analyses of my subject material.

Below are some areas of research I am interested in, with keywords below.

Anthropology of Health, Illness & Care

Cancer, especially risk and screening

ADHD & Disability

Ethnography of Medical Ontology

Ethnography of “Harm”, “Power” and “Care”

Anthropology of “Help” & Public Health

Ethnography of Biomedical innovation and technology

Anthropology of Food and Nutrition

History of “Global Health”, Development and Care

History of Public Health in Haiti

History of Global Health

History of Colonialism and Public Health

Environmental History

Anthropological History of Psychology and Psychiatry

Political Ecology

Capitalism as World-Ecology

Global Critical Disability & Mad Studies:


Theory, history and sociality

Issues of Internationality and Disability

The Empirical Emergence of Disability

Disability, Sexuality & Queer Theory

History of Disability

Neoliberalism, Ableism, Crip Theory